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City of Markham Street Number Four – DSC Online Meeting on February 22 at 9:30am 关于取消万锦市市政数字“4”动议

02/22/2022 @ am9:30 - am10:30

The following is a email from councillor Alan Ho’s office. If you plan to attend the online meeting, please email melodychan@markham.ca to register.

On February 22 at 9:30am, there will be a Development Services Committee meeting where item 10.4 Review of the Number Four in Municipal Addressing will be up for discussion and review. I understand you also support the elimination of number 4 for municipal addressing within City of Markham.  Please join our meeting and do a deputation for 5 minutes or less.  

You can review staff recommendation below:


Feel free to forward this to anyone else that I may have missed or you know is in support of eliminating the number 4 in municipal addressing within the City of Markham.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

With Kind Regards,


Melody Chan


Executive Assistant to Ward 2 Councillor Alan Ho

City of Markham | Anthony Roman Centre | 101 Town Centre Blvd., L3R 9W3

T: 905-479-7780 | F: 905-479-7763| W: www.markham.ca


万锦市市政府将定于2022 2 22 日上午 9:30 举行一次发展服务委员会会议( Developments Service Committee Meeting) , 会议将会对10.4项(review of the number four in municipal addressing)审查将进行讨论和审查.

从过去多年来收到很多非华裔居民取消有4字的门牌(street number),原因是他们未能成功地用一个合理价格卖其物业给华人社区,万锦市第二区市议员何胡景先生 Mr. Alan Ho)提出这动议,目的是在万锦市市政地址取消数字“4”。数字“4” 对很多华人来说是一个不吉祥的数字,所以他们都尽量避免买入有4字物业。但对一些住宅号码里包含”4”的业主在卖房时带来一些不良影响。


1. 列治文山市政府已在2013年以前已经在市政地址取消数字“13” 并在2013年决议取消市政数字“4”,注:“14”“24” 等包含数字4的并不受决议影响。

2. 多伦多市政府只批准相关开发商提出的取消市政数字“4”申请。注:对”14”“24” 等包含数字4的市政号码并不包括在内。

如果您也支持在万锦市内取消 所有4 号市政地址,包括40 49。请加入我们的会议,并做一个 5 分钟或更短时间的发言。您的发言将对推动对此动议有更好帮助。

如您准备发言,请在本月22日前与councilor alan Ho 的助理melody Chan 联系melodychan@markham.ca



以上中文内容为Yan Zhou个人翻译并给予参考。一切资料以英文版本为准。谢谢。


am9:30 - am10:30


Online Meeting
Markham, ON Canada


Development Services Committee, City of Markham

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2 thoughts on “City of Markham Street Number Four – DSC Online Meeting on February 22 at 9:30am 关于取消万锦市市政数字“4”动议”

  • Mapleleafq

    I agree to this Act as a resident of Markham

    • Yan Zhou

      Thank you. Can you make it to the online meeting to do a deputation. If you can, please email melodychan@markham.ca



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