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GTAHome Real Estate Agent Mentoring Program

Purpose of creating the GTAHome sales team with the Mentor and the Mentee is to generate and develop leads and increase transactions for both the team leader and team member salespersons by organizing sales leads in an efficient manner.

The team member/mentee can work as in full time or part time basis exclusively with the mentor/team leader in the following up of and development of leads assigned by that Mentor and converting such leads into sales.

The mentoring program shall run for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date of execution, and shall be automatically renewed each year unless and until one of the parties gives notice in writing. After the first year the Mentee may terminate this Agreement by giving two (2) months’ prior notice in writing to the Mentor/ Team lead. This Agreement may be terminated by the Mentor / Team lead at any time on two (2) months’ prior written notice to the Mentee. 


  1. Provide training to the Mentee/ Team member according to the GTAHome Team current training program, amended from time to time.
  2. Setting and maintaining standards and guidelines for the Mentee/ Team member.
  3. Providing mentorship and guidance to the Mentee on real estate sales
  4. Helping the Mentee in the buying and selling transaction process
  5. The Mentor/ Team Lead may arrange for the Mentee to conduct property searches, showings, open-houses and listing-farming activities.


1. Attending the GTAHome Team training programs and meeting the real estate standards.  

2. Carry out activities assigned by the Team Lead

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