How to host open houses?

How to host open houses?

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Contributor: Jiayi (Joy) Zhang from Real Estate Team

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Have you attended open house? Have you every hosted an open house? Open house is a popular way to increase exposure and attract more potential buyers. Let’s walk through step by step how to host an effective open house.

  1. Decide open house time. Typically, open houses occur on weekends afternoon when buyers have free time to visit. 
  2. A week before the open house, use social media, flyers to advertise the open house. You can even create an event on Facebook to invite more people to visit.
  3. Prepare Open House Sign with property address, business card, MLS printouts, brochures, visitor sign-in sheet, remove shoes sign etc.
  4. On the day of open house, dress professionally, arrive the property early, display the open house signs around the community per municipality rules.
  5. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the property. E.g., ensure the property is clean; remove all vehicles from the driveways; Turn on all lights; play some soft music in the house; setup a sign-in table.
  6. During the open house
  7. Ask each visitor to sign-in and indicate whether consent to contact them or not.
  8. Introduce the features of the houses to each visitor. Answer questions from the visitors.
  9. Understand their motivation to visit (do they live in the neighbor and want to know the current market? Are they inventors? Are they first-time home buyers?). 
  10. Ask feedback from the visitors, ask them what they think of this property.
  11. Within 24 hours, follow up with the visitors who grant contents to contact them. Ask them if they have interest in the property and consider putting an offer. If the visitors asked some questions and couldn’t be answered during the visit, now you should’ve found out the answer and can clarify with the visitors.
  12. For buyers who doesn’t have a realtor, they are your potential clients even if they may not be interested in this particular property. Keep in touch with them and let them know other suitable properties.

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