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Ontario Election: Which party should I vote for on June 2nd especially on housing and real estate issue?

Ontario Liberal: HOUSING COMMITMENTS Build 1.5 million new homes over the next 10 yearsProtect homebuyers by reforming the blind bidding process; provide transparency on the history of house sale prices; establish home inspectors as a legal right and regulate home inspectors; require residential listings to disclose expected commission rates; increase penalties for unethical real estate...

Vote For Emily Li and All You Need to Know About Her

https://youtu.be/BjKX8_dHukw "Now more than ever,  Markham-Unionville needs a strong community advocate to fight for our seniors, our youth, and our small business owners who are still feeling the lasting impacts of the pandemic. I look forward to representing the constituents of Markham-Unionville and to fight for the best tomorrow for all." - Emily Li Profile of Emily Li A mother of two...

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